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Westport, CT Real Estate Market-Average Days on Market Comparison 2001-2010

Average Days on Market shows how long the properties stay on the market before closing. It includes time from last list to close, so it doesn’t capture true marketing time as properties are pulled off of the market and relisted for numerous reasons. However, we can make the assumption that this tactic has been consistently used each year. So, here’s my point: It is an apple to apple comparison. 2010 has not been as sluggish as many would believe even though we aren’t seeing the same numbers as any year prior to 2006. Those of us in the market in 2006 definitely felt the beginning of the shift and began coaching sellers to change strategy and be more aggressive with their pricing and aware of competing properties.  Buyers began putting on the brakes and the pinch was on for sellers and it continues in 2010. This has been good news in some price points for buyers. Check back in for info on median price and how it ties in with the number of units sold and days on market.

                    Average Market Time  
Year 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Year Total
2010 102 106 91 119 102
2009 144 113 110 155 128
2008 123 104 93 121 107
2007 119 101 104 118 108
2006 103 87 92 113 97
2005 94 71 77 88 80
2004 109 71 78 91 83
2003 86 78 74 93 82
2002 98 76 62 91 78
2001 106 98 83 99 94

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